Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to Repeal Death Care

Write to your CD Reps

It's time for Republican/ Conservatives to write or call in support of John Boehner the House Leader. Also write and tell your own Congressional Representatives to support this week's efforts to peal back The Death Care Law. The Obama law which will kill thousands of jobs and close hundreds of Catholic Hospitals . The Hospitals and workers will refuse to perform abortions and they would rather close.

Governor Palin was correct in her first assessment and comments that Death Panels are in the Law. Death to seniors with euthanasia counseling;death by rationing care to the developmentally disabled; and the PREBORN will die in the womb with Obama stealing our tax money to pay for abortions in the US and overseas . Rationing to save money. Rationing means death to the UNDERREPRESENTED. Fight the Marxist Obama and his death laws.The GOP is ready to write bills in the House to REPEAL MARXIST DEATH GOONS.

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