Friday, July 2, 2010

Secure Our Borders -Oppose Obama's Law Suit

Visit the site to support Governor Brewer in Arizona ,here.It does not take much imagination to know that Obama and AG Holder want illegals to vote for their party in 2010. So they will make all of the illegals voters (perhaps by November). Be expecting a blanket amnesty by executive order from Obama.
We must sue him and his thugs on every level we can. Governor Jan Brewer is securing the borders in Arizona.Don't get mad at the government :get even. SUE THEM. That state is not going to take it anymore: murderers and druggies and kidnappers. We will be free if we support Gov. Brewer's efforts.Sarah Palin has given her full support to Jan Brewer. You do not need to ask what is Sarah Palin's position on illegal aliens.