Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Join The Precinct Alliance

Time to get started:Join the National Precinct Alliance. Every able bodied man and woman.
The Republican national party is your entrance into working to get Governor Sarah Palin elected to the presidency in 2012.

The First National Tea Party Convention

Sarah Palin, the new FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR, gave a clue about The first weekend in February and where she will be. She is going to Nashville , Tennessee as the KEY NOTE SPEAKER at the Grand Old Opry Hotel and the FIRST NATIONAL TEA PARTY CONVENTION.
Workshops and programs will be set up to initiate first timers from the Patriot Tea Party and 912 Project leaders. Precinct and Congressional District participation will be encouraged so that candidates such as Sarah Palin can make it to the National Republican Convention as the delegate who will win the party nomination.
If all goes well Palin will get to talk with leaders in attendance.
There still may be time to sign up for this Convention