Thursday, August 19, 2010

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OBAMANISM is on the road to serfdom. Read Obamanism's next steps. Do not wonder what is becoming of our country. Obamanism taught the Communist/Weatherman Manifesto via Saul Alinsky and the Rules For Radicals.
There is no excuse to consider Obamanism the will of the people. We do not consent to these rules or manifesto.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working For A Palin In Our Future

Conservatives need 40 seats in the House and 10 seats in the Senate for the 2010 Election. In order to repeal ,replace and defund Obamanisms much local Congressional work will be done. His Death Care Law will be the first evil Socialist Plan I hope the new Congress works on. Impeaching Obama needs a super majority in the House to bring up articles of impeachment against him. BUT FIRST we have to register voters which can be done on line here.Look at the bottom of that site for forms for each state which allows on line registrations.

After the 2010 Elections get involved with primaries which Sarah may want to enter. Key states are New York, Iowa, Ohio and a list of several more states. The first PRIMARIES will be held by the Republicans in February 2012. Those states are IOWA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEVADA and SOUTH CAROLINA.
Next come the states which will give her votes proportionately to her winnings in the primaries. Those states are important in that she will get as many votes as we can get out people on those primary days. The last primaries are in April and it will be winner takes all~ the whole state with no part votes.

Note ~Obama will not have a primary but he will be busy putting his foot in his mouth. He will continue to push as many laws and programs of his Socialist agenda as he can.

A new RNC rule will be that if a nominee loses the nomination of the whole party , he or she may not work to defeat the party's winner from the convention. If he or she does try that ,all money given to them by the RNC must be returned.

I will keep you abreast on efforts to campaign for her during Primaries . Literature and books and position papers by Sarah will be used to educate Primary voters.

Palin 2012