Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Met with NEWSMAX and DICK MORRIS

Just in case you do not have messages from Dick I will share mine with you.Their meeting just took place in Florida this weekend. Other Republicans have met with Newsmax but this one has coat tails.
I quote in part,

I met with Sarah Palin this week!

Gov. Palin and I joined together at NEWSMAX with its CEO Christopher Ruddy to prepare for a special series of online broadcasts that will begin airing next week.

This is all part of Newsmax's special "Make America Great Again" program that will give you important and invaluable information for the upcoming elections.

I am strongly urging all my readers to sign up to see these programs including Gov. Palin and myself.

Also, you will have an opportunity to get a free copy of Gov. Palin's upcoming book —
Please RSVP.

We can take back America!

Dick Morris

Here is Dick Morris' Poll Analysis about Republican Majority in the Senate:

North Dakota = Republican + 43%

Arkansas = Republican + 18%

Indiana = Republican + 18%

Wisconsin = Republican + 12%

Pennsylvania = Republican + 7%

Colorado = Republican + 5%

West Virginia = Republican + 5%

Illinois = Republican + 4%

Nevada = Republican + 3%

Washington = Republican + 1%

PALIN 2012

Checking Congressional Districts

Keeping score of Congressional Districts where Governor Palin has endorsed a Conservative Constitutionalists Common Sense Candidate.
The Palin Take Back The 20 seats that slipped in 2008 and the ability to endorse more candidates HERE.Check this site daily for the poll results of each district. HERE