Monday, August 24, 2009

Congressional Districts For Palin (CD4Palin)

The purpose of this blogspot is to begin to organize by Congressional Districts for a Sarah Palin Presidency.
This is not an official Sarah Palin site as she has not declared her candidacy.

I am I am in the 29th Congressional District in New York State.
Please list your e-mail and Congressional District in the COMMENT SECTION.

I will notify you with information about registering voters and a national media list for announcements to the press.

You will also see information for other sites on the Internet working toward Sarah Palin's election. You will want to read each one. Note that some sites change daily.


  1. Volunteers do not have to be professional campaigners. You just have to act professional and be out-going.
    72% of registered Republicans approve of -SARAH PALIN.

    (-; I approve of this message.
    (29th Congressional District in NY)

  2. There are 5 Congressional Districts identified with Volunteers for 2012 Palin Campaign.
    When Sarah officially announces and establishes a National Campaign site we will merge this information.
    The option of keeping your name and Congressional District Private is an e-mail to this addy-CUT AND PASTE:

  3. There now are 7 Identified Congressional Districts on this site ;covered with at least one volunteer in each .
    REMEMBER THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 435 CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS (each with a House of Representative member).
    People are anxious to do something now.
    I suggest this site and the Draft Sarah Committee;

    We can go no further than this until if and when Sarah declares, (=:


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